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Shaving my head n waxing my legs!

Owe: My God what have I gotten my self into!


As if things were not bad enough! I ride out in less than 6 days and I do have butterflies, but today I have a lady coming around to shave my head for her donation! SHAVE MY HEAD! I am thinning a little but I love my hair! But shaving my head is not the bad part! I have another lady coming over to WAX MY LEGS!! I have a lot of hair on my legs. I don’t like pain! My heart is in my throat thinking about it! I think I might need a stiff drink, or six!

And yes, I will post photos and a video for all you sadists who want to watch me in pain. I just hope it gets some of you clicking on the donate button!

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  1. You are a brave soul Johnny, and a kind one to go through all that. I'll be sending a small donation soon. I hope you get many more for all the hard work and effort you are putting into this.