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Weekend looking at new homes...

Ok so we are making the move, Fiona and I want a new life style we want a nice home and some land some ware around Castlemaine  this was the first round:

The first home is like a Barn House its nice and the location is also nice but the home is too small we would need an extra 50k to extend and put a bathroom up stars in the master bedroom. see more here 

the 2nd home is real nice its mud brick and stone its on 10 Acres but has solar power we would need to add mains power and would need to build a new kitchen and the one in there was real small and has a wood fire oven.... just a little old for us! again 50K + might make it work for us... see it here

The 3rd house  Elphinstone I liked and it ticked a lot of boxes and no the pink paint needs to go!

A big living aria.

A nice country setting.

Yellow gates you can not miss Ok I will have to paint too!
A front yard for a lama Mara wants one named Johno??

Carport will fit 2/3 cars

the inside on the new barn needs to be finished but its big!! 

I like the Smallville look of the barn might need a big S on the side...

Real nice views!

Fire place in the main room and lots of cooling heating.

This view is from the kitchen to give you an idea of the size of the main room

and the kitchen is big and modern! lots of room for me to cook!

2 room nice size rooms for the kids and 1 smaller one Judzea and Ten might share one and Judzea might have the other room as a study/reading room as its 1/2 the size.

More pink in the master bedroom lots of paint needed!

So lots of good and you can see more here when you look at it on the map you will see its close to the freeway that's good as it makes it only 1 hour from Melbourne the freeway is a 110km zone but you can hear it from the propriety but not from inside the house. it annoyed Fiona a lot... So we are going back to see it the sound is a deal breaker. For me its just a low hum and it was a real still day so we are going back to have a look .. this is the map:

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  1. I think I like the third house best so far but an hour from Melbourne? Is that going to be hard for work? I commuted from 1 1/2 hours away for 7 1/2 years and it gets old quite fast. Other than that the property is beautiful!

  2. We are both working from home again so work is no problem :P but its about 1 hour from the city.

  3. That 3rd house is awesome you should move into it tomorrow!!

  4. let me guess that is posting..... Mrs K.....