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chilli on my willy

So the start of day 3 was signalled by the sound of rain. We were at 500m above sea level and we had a cool change over night.

We all had to put on our wet weather gear and get ready for a lot cooler ride up to Daylesford. That sits at about 700m above sea level.
I thought I'd be smart and put some Tiger balm on my legs to help with the pain. I rubbed it in and it warmed up my legs fast, then in a rush without thinking, I went for a leak before we headed off ...wooow that woke me up!!! Whenever using Tiger balm or deep heat, wash your hands real good!!!

We got to Daylesford in good time. Day 3 is meant to be the toughest and it was hard but the cold made it less painfull than other days.

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  1. Can you get a cream called Neat 3B in Aussie its good for sweat rash and chafing between your legs. BB

  2. Hope the body is holding up well. I am very impressed with the effort. Keep it up. Rob F