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killer day two

We got into Heathcote at about 4pm last night. It was a gruelling 112km ride or the killer was actually the heat. It was about 34c out and which make it 43+c on the road. I could feel the heat raidating off the road. My feet were hot!

But we got there and I was able to relax with a cold beer and a good pub meal. Over dinner, we went over our next ride. The first day had been 112km of flat riding in the heat. The next ride was about 60km up hill! We all had an early night cause riding in that kind of heat realy takes it out of you.

The ride today started off ok but we got straight into the hills. The heat was still with us and OMG did I feel it! My rear end was killing me and so was the rash I was getting on my inner thigh from the waxing I had done last weekend ... and as soon as we hit the big hills I found a new world of pain in the form of a leg cramp. It was ok in high gear as I got to put the right preasure on it but when we got to the spinning on the steep slopes, it would cramp up for a world of hurt. Getting off the bike and taking 3 steps would fix it, then I would hop back on and keep going ... till it cramped again ...

We stopped and put some cream on my leg to help with the cramp, refilled our drinks and some of the group went into a little Sunday market and got a hot dog that would come back to haunt them on the next hill. I avoided the greasy sausage in bread as I knew my stomach would not handle it with what I was about to do ...

We hit hills out of there at a 7% climb. It was slow going all the way up till we got to this nice little bridge and got a break, only to be short lived by the arrival of the next hill!

Then, it happened ... I felt the front tyre going flat. I had picked up a punture when we stopped at the bridge ... I hope you like the photo. We tried to pump it up twice but it was no use. It was going down too fast, so we changed the tube but didn't get it quite right. I had a lump in my front wheel. It did get me the next 25 km but I had to put up with bumping all the way. It was driving me crazy. We got to Kyneton and had a nice meal then checked into out rooms which were a lot nicer the the hot cabbins with no 3G reception we had last night. I had a nice cool shower then fixed the wheel and the puncture in the other tube before starting this blog.

I keep thinking I must be mad for doing this. The pain I went through with the waxing was nothing compared to the type of pain this fat geek has gone through on this ride so far ...


  1. John, I am very impressed. 2 days done already!! I don't think I would have survived. Keep it up. Best Regards Rob F

  2. It can't have been Kyneton that you were at yesterday. That's near Woodend on the Calder Hwy. It must be some other town starting with K.

  3. It was Kyneton and yes it is near woodend.